Select Type of Website you need Common website classification Selection of a type of website that you'd need has an impact on development time frame, complexity of tasks faced by programmers and designers, website price.

Corporate (Business)
Promo (landing)
eCommerce (shop)
Games Portal
Social networks
Billing Page
Phone Website
UI or Services
Additional pages
Custom or re-design
Only WP theme

Select Layout you prefer Layout is a defined placement of blocks on the web page, not related to the content placement in the blocks. This example describes the main structure of your website, where and how your information will be placed.

One page
From my Website
At option the designer

Select style of Website you like A style determines visual presentation of the website, whether it will be colorful or classical and formal.

Clear, Air
Windows 8 (Metro)
From my website
At option the designer

How many pages should your website have? Indicate a number of unique pages (which do not have a repeating structure) that you wish to be drawn

Do you need mobile version of website? If you want your website to look good and accessible at mobile devices, then you'd need a specially created design for such devices. IMPORTANT: If you do not order a mobile design for your website, it won't be possible to prepare an adjusted version.

Mobile version for Tablets +$0
Mobile version for Phones +$0

Do you need prototype of website? Generate an interactive HTML website wireframe or UI mockup without coding. Then, send a link to clients or users to review. Or design an Android or iPhone app interface and view it right on your mobile device Example

Yes, create prototype (recommended) +0$
No, I don’t need a prototype +0$

Additional custom design Additional unique graphic content developed especially for your website, without using any standard layouts or graphical templates. This option is recommended if you'd like to exposure of your product or service.

Brand book
FB profiles design
Twitter profile design
Google+ Profile design
Custom Font
More details Please fill detailed information about your company.

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What colors we must use Please indicate your color preferences for website design. If you have a corporate style, please tell us about it and enclose it to this form. You can also leave it optional for a review by our designer.

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What Design Quality You want? The most important part of the entire technical specifications. The quality of your design is related to development costs. A substantial amount allocated to website development will allow you to get high-quality results.

design tells everything about the product
"Dieter Rams"
A simple design, basic level.Perfect for budget websites. Created by junior-level designers
Create by Designer Beginner level
Quality design, middle level Good design quality for reasonable price. Created by middle-level designers
Create by Designer Advanced level
Premium design. For those who are interested in obtaining maximum pay-back and getting ahead of competition. Created by senior-level designers
Create by Designer Professional level
It is Formula 1 in the design world. Simply the best, no compromises made. Break the stereotypes. Created by a team of senior designers 
Create by Designer Hi-end level
* the budget can be changed after a consultation with our manager